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Shop changes and updates

As some of you already noticed I'm changing a lot in the shop recently.

The biggest change however are the fabrics.

Since January 2022 I have a machine that allows me to print directly on fabrics - without papers, stencils, all this trouble that printing was before.

It also allows me to print with ecological dyes on 100% natural fabrics.

So the first news for 2022 is - new fabrics for obi, new fabrics for yukata and new fabrics for haori.

I had lots of fabric options for obi before, now it's just two:

The cheaper one is recycled polyester twill. It's a thickly woven fabric made of recycled polyester fiber. For hanhaba obi it will come without stiffener inside - for very casual, soft obi look.

The more 'fancy' one is organic cotton. It's delicate fabric with nice feel, and, what's most important for me - with Oeco-Tex 100 certificate.

It works well both as hanhaba and nagoya obi.

New fabrics are also giving me a chance to print more complicated designs on kimono, without the fear that the design will deform while printed and won't match on the seams.

So, soon I will have houmongi kimono in my offer as well.

Yukata and haori are also going to be made from the new cotton (and linen in the future).

The himo, furoshiki and datejime will be still from the same fabric, however himo are going to be available in the sets of three.

I'm still unsure about the printed haneri. Should I keep it as it is? Or make it from cotton as well? I'm waiting for your feedback here :)

And - another huge change is the sizing. Since I'm having problems fulfilling the order in time I will now offer kimono in four sizes, with an additional option to have it made to your measurements.

It will allow me to make them faster so the waiting time isn't so long.

The sizing is based on all the orders I got since I opened the shop so hopefully it will fit most without making any changes (but we will see, right? :D )

Thank you for your continuous support for the last few years, I'm extremely glad that I can make the shop grow and change. I hope my new ideas will work well and will be an improvement :)

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