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We're a professional fabric printing studio.


Not a factory, not a huge company - just few people working on what they like to do best.

Being not-too-big in scale allows us to truly focus on what we're doing and to always try to achieve the best quality.

We're offering prints on over 20 different kinds of fabric, plus we can always find new ones to better suit the needs of our clients. 

We can accept custom orders from as much as one meter of fabric. 

All kind of prints are possible - from printing from a provided graphics to making a one of a kind design just for Your needs.

There are no nice products without good designing work. 

Thats why all of our products, from the idea to the finished item, are made by us - 100%.

From sketching, drawing, making it printable and imagining how it will look on the final product.

If you have an idea - we can probably make it.

If it's a kimono or obi belt, or series of scarves, or just an illustration for your website - we're not afraid of anything!

We can take care of your idea from start to finish. Wholesale orders are as welcome as individual ones, we have also experience with special customers, such as shops and cultural institutions.

If there is anything we can do for You, don't hesitate to contact us!


We're also making one-of-a-kind custom products.


At this moment we're offering creating haori, obi and kitsuke accessories with custom graphics.

We can print it with:

  • modified version of any design we offer in the shop (different color, changing some elements of the design)

  • any custom graphics provided by You

  • custom illustration created by us to Your specifications 

Pricing for a custom made item is basic product cost+custom graphic fee.

Modifying the existing design is free of charge, preparing provided graphics - 10$, custom illustration fee depends on the complexity of the design we have to make (roughly from 25$ to 80$).