Measure yourself for kimono

Updated: May 8

There are few important measurements you need for making kimono.

The most important I'll always need (before even planning the design placement on the fabric) are:

  • yuki - from the center of the kimono to the end of the sleeve.

Measure the length from the center of your neck (the neck bone), through the shoulder to the wrist bone.

  • mitake - the length of the kimono (from the shoulder top to the hem)

For women - your height

For men - from the base of your neck to your heel

  • hips circumference

Measure the circumference of your hips. Make sure you measure over the largest part of your buttocks - it's important to get the kimono width correctly.

If you have large chest that's an important thing to measure too. Put on your kimono bra (or any other flattening bra you're going to wear under your kimono) and measure your chest circumference.

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