Obi fabric guide

I've been getting questions about differences between types of fabrics, and how they work with obi so let's make a little guide :)

Our main and basic fabric for nagoya and hanhaba obi is heavy polycotton. Heavy, thick fabric with visible weave. It does not require lots of stiffener and the texture of the fabric makes it relatively easy to keep the desired shape. It's also the easiest one in printing and sewing so it makes the cheapest nagoya obi option.

heavy polycotton kaku obi

However, some of the designs don't look good on it so here's the soft polycotton type. Light-weaved, with little texture and very subtle shine, a little softer and more delicate.

soft polycotton can make the colours very bright
dusty pastel pink soft polycotton obi

Second most popular is crepe. With visible texture, delicate and matte it gives soft and elegant effect. It's thin, delicate fabric that requires lots of care while printing and sewing but the final effect is always amazing :) Similar but with more visible texture is chirinmen crepe. It's fabric with heavy, crisp, crimped texture. It is not very good for designs with lots of small details - they tend to get lost in the fabric structure, but I love how soft it is to the touch and how rich it makes the colors.

crepe hanhaba obi
shiny silk nagoya obi

linen hanhaba obi

Another one is silk crepe. More shiny that light poly/cotton, and pretty elegant. It makes the colors shiny and deep but it is also the most difficult one to print. It amazingly catches light so any design printed on it looks more vibrant and colourful than on anything else.

Our last fabric available for obi is linen canvas. It's heavy weaved, rather thick and rough fabric so it's best for not too complicated designs as the small details of print can get lost on it. But if you want something with natural, fresh feel - that's your option ;)

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